9 února, 2023

Tato báseň je pouze v angličtině.

Thoughts are my greatest disturber,

they come in, uninvited, often unwelcome.

I wish they’d come by appointment, at least some.

However, they make my existence better,

so I let them come.

To harass, to complicate, to torment my mind,

they arrive. Their aim is to overwhelm.

Only to see how desperately I was blind,

I try to sort them out.

Is it me, or them, at my life’s helm?

I can’t focus, so much chaos they bring,

so many layers, everything so discrete.

Yet the understanding is so startling,

by no means I can compete.

Everything connects, chaos begins to retreat.

Leave me alone to my ignorance,

they are an unnecessary burden.

On second thought, how do I stand a chance

the needed inspiration to summon?

A burden I can bear for certain.

They do not come, they are mine.

They live within me yet seem external.

The whole world starts to shine,

for reason’s eureka sounds so eternal

and everything falls in line.

I’m starting to think:

I will keep these thoughts of mine,

as they fill my brain to brink.

Without them I feel I sink.

It’s me, whom they define.

Who am I to cast them out?

Even worlds they can fuse,

and I am beginning to shout:

Here emotions are of no use,

thoughts are my greatest muse!