9 února, 2023

Tato báseň je pouze v angličtině.

I am pursuing my dreams,

for very dark it seems

to sleep at night headlessly,

thus I warn you, seriously:

Do not wake me up!

They are so close, yet so far.

I have to keep my eyes closed,

or I wouldn’t know where they are.

And it is rather bizarre,

what visions my mind can host.

Those ambitions could reach the stars,

as they shine bright into the night.

But will they ever see the days light?

Or will they with the dawn pass?

Is it worth it, for them to fight?

One image blends into another,

past, present, and future I can see,

I am sailing in a sea of fantasy.

Nonetheless, me they do bother,

daydreaming I would be much rather.

My strength is beginning to weaken,

the light is fast approaching,

or is it darkness? No, it is a beacon!

First birds will soon sing.

And for the dreamless? Darkness begins to thicken.

I wonder if they will come true,

or if they will leave me false.

Pinching myself is the only clue,

that can prevent all the remorse

of waking up to having fulfilled only a few.

There is nothing else left to do,

the morn is nigh at hand,

yet night falls over my hopes and

it’s clear that none of it is true.

My eyes open: I can dream anew.