March 30, 2023

This poem is in English only.

That something can be

doesn’t mean it ought to,

nor that it must come true.

The soul to choose is free

what it’s destiny will be.

But decisions are formed 

by how one’s life’s informed.

So does my past and nature

determine my present and future?

Are alternatives for the paranoid?

If free will is an illusion 

and my steps are given,

why does each conclusion

not seem inherently driven,

but to every possibility open.

Seeming may be construed

as tool of the inevitable

while the will is subdued

and our preference negligible.

Therefore, no one’s responsible.

Biggest nonsense I’ve heard,

existence would be absurd.

Why would punishment follow crime,

even consequences in time,

were we to follow only one line.

Yet our options are limited,

their number may be determined

and what they really are.

Still at last by us decided

with all odds to spar.

Sometimes to no avail;

surrounded by conscience,

which is a much better evidence,

that liberty of mind must prevail,

for agency of being eschews jail.